Agriform® Specialty Ag Fertilizers

Agriform® Specialty Ag Fertilizers

Extensive independent research and grower harvest results prove Agriform® Strawberry Mix consistently contributes to a strong increase in yields. Additionally, the use of Agriform results in superior quality berries. California growers have trusted the reliable performance and consistent results for years, making Agriform the market leader for strawberry fertilization.

Agriform Strawberry Brochure (English) (PDF)

Agriform Strawberry Brochure (Spanish) (PDF)

Agriform® Tablets are placed in forestry and fruit tree planting holes prior to installation. The tablets are compressed, which helps to extend the release of soluble nutrients for up to two years. These tablets deliver long-term, leach-resistant nutrients right in the root zone to encourage plant vigor throughout establishment. The available nutrition makes trees less susceptible to disease and other environmental stress factors.

Agriform Planting Tablets for Trees Spec Sheet (PDF)

Agriform Planting Tablets for Citrus Spec Sheet (PDF)

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