Plant Nutrition

Leading performance generation after generation.

With a track record of proven fertilizer performance that spans decades, Everris™ has become the name more professional growers trust. What inspires this level of confidence is the Everris e3 approach to sustainability. Following this approach, Everris is able to routinely refine and evolve its plant nutrition products to be even more in tune with what growers need to optimize their fertilizer investment.

From your perspective, this e3 approach can help you:

  • Improve nutrition delivery and efficiency
  • Reduce fertilizer, labor and resource costs
  • Minimize nutrient loss due to leaching and runoff
  • Generate more turn per season

Your decision to incorporate Everris into your plant nutrition programs is further rewarded by an unwavering commitment to reliability and consistency. From one product to the next, one bag to the next, these value-added advantages are continually verified and validated through:

  • Strict adherence to quality control standards
  • Extensive testing procedures
  • Well-documented field trials

To assist you in selecting the right plant nutrition products to help improve the efficiency and environmental impact of your fertilization program—without sacrificing your profitability—consult with a Everris Territory Manager.

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