Controlled Release Fertilizers

With controlled release fertilizers it’s about the coating, and Everris has that covered.

Since its introduction decades ago, more growers have trusted Osmocote® than any other controlled release fertilizer. A fundamental reason why: 100% coated, homogenous N-P-K prills. Sure there are other controlled release products available, but as you well know, it’s the coating that determines the level of consistency, reliability and performance. In that regard, the proven standard continues to be Osmocote.

While others have tried to duplicate the original controlled release fertilizer—1st Generation Osmocote® Classic—Everris has refined and evolved this technology. Results of these efforts include 2nd Generation Osmocote® Pro and 3rd Generation Osmocote® Plus with Patterned Nutrient Release Technology™. These Osmocote brands share the same trusted coating technology and provide even more plant nutrition options to improve the efficiency and environmental impact of your fertilization program, without sacrificing your profitability.

Poly-S® technology is another reason why more professional growers trust Everris controlled release fertilizers. This proven coating is an integral component in Field Fertilizer.

Crucial in determining the overall performance any controlled release product is the coating. Coating technology is crucial to helping you optimize your fertilizer investment.

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