Fusion Enhanced Products

Keep more prills in the pot, put more profit in your pocket.

Now you have the flexibility to do more of both.

Introducing a NEW 8-9 month Osmocote® Pro Fusion formulation that works just like the proven
5-6 month no-spill prill. With this new formulation you can keep more prills in the pot in regions of the country with higher temperatures—and—in the pots of plants with extended growing seasons.

Crunch the numbers to find out how much profit you can pocket.

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When nursery stock gets blown or knocked over:

  • You lose fertilizer
  • You lose money

Through additional material and reapplication costs, or lower plant quality.

Osmocote® Pro with Fusion Technology™:

  • Securely binds fertilizer to growing media
  • Keeps more prills in the pot, reducing additional fertilizer and labor costs
  • Reliably delivers season-long plant nutrition, pot to pot
  • Delivers a better return on your fertilizer investment

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