Patterned Nutrient Release Fertilizers

Patterned Nutrient Release Technology™ is the most advanced on the market.

3rd Generation Osmocote® Plus with Patterned Nutrient Release Technology™ is one of the most efficient and economical fertilizer options to optimize your return on investment, especially if you grow sensitive or high-value crops.

What takes this technology beyond traditional controlled release fertilizers is the level of control; with pre-defined release patterns and pre-defined longevities, you can more precisely coordinate the delivery of needed nutrients with the specific feeding habits of your plants. With this improved efficiency, you can:

  • Reduce your fertilizer, labor and resource costs
  • Minimize nutrient loss due to leaching or runoff
  • Generate more turns per season

Watch a video that details how this advanced nutrient delivery system works. Then consult with a Territory Manager about the possibility of incorporating Osmocote Plus into your operation. You just might find this is one of the best business decisions you can make to grow your plants—and—your business.

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