Water Soluble Fertilizers

Choose Original Peters® to better optimize the return on your water soluble fertilizer investment.

Original Peters® Water Soluble Fertilizers from Everris have long been the preferred choice of professional growers looking to improve the overall efficiency and environmental impact of their nutrition programs, without sacrificing profitability.

In support of growers looking to optimize the return on their fertilizer investment is a commitment to routinely refine and evolve its Peters Excel®, Peters Professional® and Peters® Specialty products. Over the years, a few of the grower advantages that have resulted from this ongoing process include:

  •  Incorporation of higher-grade ingredients
  •  Proven N–P–K ratios based on decades of research focusing on water quality and fertilizer performance
  •  Complete range of formulations for a wide variety of crop types
  •  Proprietary M-77® Micronutrient System, which provides essential micronutrients and trace element sources that are blended at defined ratios to match what plants need
  •  Advanced technologies to maximize solubility and minimize clumping
  •  Plastic packaging to provide convenient storage and disposal

Peters® A-B-C Selection System

Everris applied years of research and testing to develop this innovative, on-line resource, which assists growers in formative which Peters water soluble products perform best on what plants, The real success of this system lies in the use of water quality, because this is the single most important factor that influences solubility and nutrient availability for plants. Once you know your water, you can automatically narrow down your options, and then choose the right formulations for your operation, based on the plants you grow.

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Peters® A-B-C Rate Calculator

This is another readily accessible resource tool. By utilizing this on-line calculator you can better optimize your return on investment by matching the right Peters products—in the right ratios—to consistently and reliably meet the nutritional needs of your plants.

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