Gemini Logo

Gemini™ is a liquid, pre-emergent herbicide featuring a selective combination of two active ingredients: Prodiamine and Isoxaben. The dual efficacy of this proprietary formulation controls or suppresses the emergence of more than 125 broadleaf and grassy weeds. Gemini is labeled for ornamental field and container nurseries, as well as Christmas tree farms, and can be applied over the top of many crops, including shrubs and perennials. Check the map to the right for product availability.




Jewel Logo

Jewel® Pre-Emergent Herbicide provides great flexibility in your chemical rotation and is a welcome relief to your budget. Jewel is labeled for many crop species and woody ornamentals, as well as many perennials. For lasting control with a low application rate (100 lbs/acre), experience the value of Jewel.




Rout and OH2 Logo

For decades, these time-tested, pre-emergent granular herbicides have been put to great use in nurseries across the country for one basic reason: they work. Both have proven to be effective against many hard-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds including chickweed, common groundsel, oxalis and several spurge species.




Corral Logo

Corral® is a consistent, long-lasting pre-emergent herbicide that provides broad-spectrum control for a number of troublesome weed problems including annual grasses, spurge and chickweed. Proven effective in all nursery conditions, Corral is labeled for turf and landscape ornamentals.