• Reapplication is minimized, which reduces additional fertilizer and labor costs.
  • By keeping more fertilizer in the pot from the start, plants consistently receive the nutrition they need to achieve superior results.
  • Minimal environmental impact; there’s little if any wasted nutrition to encourage weed growth, or possibly pollute surrounding water sources.
  • The grower's fertilizer investment is optimized, because more of what’s purchased stays put in the pot.

Fusion Technology was specially developed by Everris for surface applications in container nursery stock. This new, proprietary advancement works to optimize your fertilizer investment by bonding the nutrients to the surface of the growing media. Years of research, testing and actual field use prove Osmocote® with Fusion Technology is more efficient and effective when compared to other surface applied fertilizer products.

This technology is currently available in 2nd Generation Osmocote® Pro 19-6-9, 5-6 mo. and 20-4-7, 8-9 mo. formulations. Supply of this product is limited. Consult with your Territory Manager for availability and to arrange a personal demonstration of the “no-spill prill” in action.

NOTE: Fusion Technology does not adversely affect the release of nutrients to the plant.