Reference Information

To find the the best Peters® formulations for your Canadian crops, use this Data Summary chart.
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Label rates on fertilizer bags are generic suggestions to cover a wide range of situations. Here are some recommendations for when to use higher and lower rates on various plant types.
To better understand coated fertilizer terminology, Everris™ has created a glossary for commonly used terms as well as generally accepted weather definitions.
With today’s soilless growing media, water’s alkalinity is the main area of focus. Alkalinity is a measure of how much buffering the water will provide growing media. Getting the right alkalinity is key in crop production.
Everris™ uses a wide combination of elements to provide products that are effective for growing healthy crops and preventing weeds and insects from damaging productivity. This page provides a full periodic table for reference when choosing the right products for your crops.
We know that every ounce, gram, quart or liter counts when placing fertilizer or plant protection products onto your crops. To better understand measurements and conversions, Everris™ has provided a comparison of the international metric system and the English system of measurement, as well as a measurement conversion table.
Everris™ provides an overview of the Patterned Nutrient Release Technology that is built into the coated prills used in the Osmocote® line of products.
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To help you calculate the amounts of fertilizer and protection products that you need for your greenhouse operation, Everris™ has developed a cheat sheet for area and volume determinations.
To help determine how much fertilizer is needed for your crops, Everris™ has created a reference information sheet that lists weights and measures charts to help you with measurement conversions.
Everris™ provides an overview of how longevity plays a key factor in how Osmocote® prills continue to release nutrients to sustain plant growth.
Micronutrients serve many roles in plant metabolism and growth. Everris™ provides an understanding of what micronutrients are and how they are incorporated into the growing system.
This reference information sheet provides the names of representative persistent plants listed under the coldest zones in which they normally succeed.
To maximize crop survival throughout the winter, growers, especially in northern climates, need to take steps to ensure their crops acclimate and are properly protected from harsh winter conditions.