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Real-world results from an Ornamental Horticulture perspective.

More growers every day are benefiting from the practical and sustainable advantages that result from putting Everris products into practice.

Take advantage of the information provided here to find out more about why you should seriously consider adopting the practice of incorporating Everris products into your real-world operation.

Rely on this guide to match the best formulations to your water type, which will bring you superior plant quality, health and color.
Specially formulated for use in the production of blue variety Hydrangeas. Read more about how growers can deliver a sustained supply of Al to the plant in a safe and reliable manner.
By Fred Hulme, Ph.D., Published in GPN Magazine, August 2014
How can using controlled-release fertilizers help growers provide healthier, more beautiful plants for end users?
Introducing an all-in-one solution to feed your plants and better manage high alkalinity.
This guide provides information on weed management and control in field-grown nursery operations, weed identification and how to design an effective herbicide program to safely and effectively control weeds.
Osmocote® with Fusion Technology™ has been specially developed for surface applications in container nursery stock. This Osmocote product features a proprietary Fusion agent that is activated by water.
Everris Nursery Mixes consistently deliver the nutrition your plants need, and all are economically priced.
When applied as directed, the unique Fusion Technology works to bind the prills to the growing media. Should containers get knocked over, more of the fertilizer stays in place, minimizing the need for reapplication.
Learn how to select the proper Osmocote® fertilizer for your greenhouse or nursery needs.
By Fred Hulme, Ph.D., Published in Greenhouse Product News, June 2012
Ornamental growers have long struggled with managing growing media pH. Maintaining correct growing media pH is critical for many crops especially if production time is greater than six to eight weeks.
By incorporating advanced 3rd Generation Osmocote® Plus with its pre-defined release patterns and pre-defined longevities, you can improve the efficiency and environmental impact of your garden mum fertilization program, without sacrificing profitability.
This guide for Benefit™ provides information on usage, application and the types of pests controlled by Benefit.
Whatever plants you produce -- and whatever you deal with -- Everris has the granular pre-emergent herbicides that will give you effective weed control without risking plant health and vigor. Download this document now to learn ten university-tested ways to improve weed control in your nursery.
More growers are beginning to embrace the practical and sustainable advantages of incorporating Osmocote® Plus into their greenhouse nutrition programs. Independent university research proves that with Osmocote Plus as part of a nutrition program, the plant response is equal to or better than water soluble fertilizers alone.