Specialty Agriculture

By Rosemary O. Gordon, Published in FLORIDA Grower, January 2004
Wouldn’t it be nice if leaching or runoff wasn’t always a concern when applying fertilizer to your citrus trees? If growers didn’t have to worry about the nitrogen washing away with rain, that certainly would make things easier for the producer and be friendlier to the environment. Well, thanks to a new controlled- release fertilizer from Scotts called CitriBlen, growers may have that wish granted.
By Thomas Obreza, Larry Parsons, and Kelly Morgan, University of Florida IFAS Extension, February 2009
Florida citrus growers are well aware that nitrogen (N) is the single most important nutrient applied as a fertilizer to assure maximum yield and fruit quality. Most growers are also aware of the substantial N fertilizer price fluctuations that have occurred during the past few years. Typical questions on the minds of growers are: why has this happened, will it continue, and will economics force a change in the type of N fertilizer we use?
By Bob Rouse and Tom Obreza, Published in Citrus Industry, November 2003
In new age of Florida citrus production, Best Management Practices to protect water quality are being considered across the state. Growers have been encouraged to carefully consider nitrogen (N) fertilizer rates, application schedules, and irrigation management in their groves. Nitrogen sources have received little attention because most managers are accustomed to using water-soluble fertilizers like ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, and urea.