Specialty Agriculture

Everris™ Value Proposition for Specialty Agriculture Growers

The Everris™ Company offers controlled release fertilizer (CRF) technologies and the expertise for incorporating these technologies in a way that adds value to a grower's existing crop nutrition program. The proper use of these CRF technologies improves fertilizer efficiency, reduces the environmental impact and, most importantly, results in measurable economic benefits for the grower's overall operation.

The sustainable benefits of controlled release fertilizers are proven throughout the Americas on an ever-expanding range of high-value crops.

Commitment to Sustainability and Profitability

e3 LogoThe use of controlled release fertilizers in specialty agriculture reinforces The Everris Company's goal to provide products that are not only sustainable in environmental terms, but also contribute to the grower's profitability. Three elements of equal standing form the framework that supports the Everris approach to achieving sustainability:

Economy. Optimize cost/benefit ratios and return on investment to effectively maximize profitability.

  • With lower application rates and fewer applications, the costs from fertilizer, labor, and fuel are reduced. And with greater yields and better quality crops as a result of using controlled release fertilizers, revenues increase. Most importantly, The Everris Company will only incorporate the amount of controlled release fertilizer into your conventional fertilizer practice that allows you to maintain or increase profitability. With Everris, it's not about your fertilizer investment, it’s all about your return on that investment.

Ecology. Minimize or eliminate wasteful production inputs to lessen the environmental impact.

  • The coating technology of controlled release fertilizers minimizes the negative environmental impact of volatilization, runoff and leaching, protecting the nutrient core and only making enough nutrients available when the crop needs it. This efficiency, when combined with the added benefits of lower application rates and fewer trips through the field to apply fertilizer, makes controlled release fertilizers a better option for the environment than conventional fertilizers.

Efficiency. Use all available resources wisely to gain maximum output from as little input as possible.

  • Extensive research shows that growers who utilize controlled release fertilizers are able to generate increased yields and better quality crops, while reducing application rates and application frequency. The controlled release technology consistently administers the right amount of nutrients, so that less is wasted and more can be used by the intended crops.

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