Agrocote® BLENs

Agrocote® BLENs:
Hybrid Fertilizers Powered by Agrocote

The Everris Company has created a family of Agrocote® BLENs designed specifically for the crops and agronomic conditions in local regions of the Americas. The family of Agrocote BLENs continues to grow and currently includes CaneBLEN™, CitriBLEN®, PotatoBLEN®, SodBLEN™ and AgroBLEN™.

What Does Agrocote BLEN Imply?

All of the Agrocote BLENs are designed with local input from growers and university researchers in combination with the technical expertise of Everris advisors and researchers. The finished products are blended by local Everris Certified Blending Partners to keep your costs in line with your budget. Each Agrocote BLEN has at least 40% Agrocote controlled release fertilizer with the remainder of the formula being comprised of conventional, readily-available nutrients. Together this combination forms a hybrid fertilizer that provides both upfront and long-term feeding.

Agrocote is the power that sets all Agrocote BLEN hybrid fertilizers apart from the competition. Agrocote consists of two controlled release technologies: polymer-coated, sulfur-coated nutrients (Poly-S®) and resin-coated nutrients. Everris' technical experts can advise how each technology best fits the crop solution desired.

Growers who use Agrocote hybrid fertilizers have benefited from reduced application rates and reduced application frequency. Growers have reduced application rates by 25% to 50%, allowing each fertilizer purchase to be used more efficiently, and reducing the risk of leaching, runoff or volatilization. By lowering the number of trips to the field to apply fertilizer, growers have also saved on fuel and labor costs. Depending on the crop, growers have been able to eliminate 50% to 75% of their fertilizer applications.

Extensive research and testing confirm that Agrocote hybrid formulations are a smart, economical choice for growers because they help reduce input costs while improving crop yields and overall crop quality.

Consult with an Everris Specialty Agriculture Sales Agronomist »  Together you will meet with a Certified Blender in your region who will recommend the right Agrocote hybrid formulation to efficiently meet the nutritional needs of the crops you grow.